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COVID-19 resources for coworking space members

Here it is a selection of helpful COVID-19 resources for coworking spaces. We hope that they will help you to cope with a current crisis.

Groups and Web-Sites Related to COVID-19

Global Workspace Association developed special COVID-19 Discussion Group on Facebook. Here you can find the latest information about coworking all over the world in terms of the COVID-19 crisis. Group members actively communicate to find the right solutions to current challenges.

Also, if you are coworking space operator, you can join the Coworking Content Alliance Facebook group. This is a group for coworking space operators interested in improving their content marketing and brand storytelling strategy. They provide useful recommendations in terms of coworking spaces’ work in the post-COVID-19 period. web site is one of the most popular resources that helps to build a coworking community and to share ideas related to coworking industry. They created a special forum section to discuss COVID-19 topics with coworkers all over the world. You are free to join the forum and to post your questions there.

Everspaces actively published helpful articles and webinars that seek to help coworking spaces to find the right solutions during the crises (for example, Marketing advice for coworking spaces during COVID-19, Webinar: Finances, Communications, and Marketing During COVID-19, and others).

Besides, you can join Coworking Convos – a monthly series to connect and empower space operators around the world. Through free, informal video calls, workspace operators share ideas, tips, questions and best practices. Moderated by Cat Johnson, Convos are a fun way to connect with workspace peers, learn new strategies for marketing and running thriving coworking spaces, and participating in the coworking movement. The next Coworking Convos will be organized on April 24, 2020. You can register here.

Women Who Cowork prepared a quick guide to keep your coworking space more secure and protected

Also, we invite you to read Bworking Blog too. We regularly publish new posts about coworking spaces and you can easily find information that will be helpful and interesting to you.

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