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The Benefits of Co-working Spaces for the Companies

Professional co-working spaces attract a diverse array of clients, from single freelancers to the large companies. The advantages of co-working spaces for freelancers and digital nomads were investigated in this article. Thus, this post will focus on the main benefits for the companies.

Firstly, co-workings allow recruiting employees from different geographical locations. It is possible to hire talents in foreign countries and to provide them an opportunity to work remotely from the co-working spaces. Co-workings will give all the necessary equipment and resolve all the possible administrative and technological issues that will significantly minimize the cost of renting of the commercial offices. There is no need to rent expensive fully-equipped offices in different parts of the world, as it is easier and cheaper to rent co-working space in the most suitable for a new employee place and district.

Secondly, companies can use co-working space during their expansion for the new markets. Co-workings provide access to private offices for a significantly lower cost compared to commercial ones. At the same time, co-working spaces give almost the same level of quality to their residents (high-speed wireless Internet, access to the meeting and conference rooms, office equipment, free coffee and tea, and others).

Thirdly, co-working spaces give a unique opportunity for the rapidly expanding companies to get more space without wasting a lot of time and with relatively small investments. Professional co-working can comfortably accommodate large groups of people and provide significant flexibility in terms of the duration of the rent contacts. It is possible to rent extra space for several months during the work under the relocation to a new large space.

Next, companies that actively work with startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers can rent co-working spaces to them, as they provide 24h/7 access to the workplace, providing more flexibility to the remote employees. They can work under a certain project as much as they need to get their work done on time. This autonomy is very important for freelancers and digital nomads as it gives them entire control over their time.

Nowadays, large companies like Facebook, Starbucks, Microsoft, and many others moved successfully part of their employees to co-working spaces. So, if you want to save your money and to increase your business flexibility, we invite you to join Bworking co-working space, one of the most popular and comfortable co-working places in Lisbon.

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