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BWORKING SPACES® are workspaces that offer all the conditions and the environment for better productivity – free from the chaos of working in cafes or in isolating your work from home.

We intend to differentiate our locations generally in street stores and spatial provisions, which will go with the surrounding environments, some of them included showroom for constant presentation of residents’ products, as well as the strong character of a social project.

All residents also benefit from management, marketing, design, brand activation, marketing, and mentoring among others.

It is open to residents of a wide range of industries and aims to be always located in modern areas of the main European capitals, starting in Lisbon in December 2017.

Being a resident of BWORKING SPACES® means that the customer will have an “all over Europe” workspace in all the network spaces that we will open in March 2019.

To become a Bworking Spaces owner please contact us.


Based on the experience of the founder, we decided to open coworking spaces, which are open to the general public.

These spaces, managed autonomously by SOCIAL EFFECTS ORG LDA, donate a maximum of 60% of annual profit obtained by this service to our social impact project SOCIAL EFFECTS ORG, which finances all our work / actions in the Global Community as Tutores de Bairro.



Nuno Guilherme

Founder & CEO

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Filipe Fernandes

Co-Founder & CFO

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Paulo Paixão

Community Manager

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Linas Astramskas

Marketing and Advertising

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Press Release

You can download our latest press release here. Please feel free to contact us about anything else.

Press Release Bworking Spaces e Social Effects ONG 01.2018

Bworking Spaces

Reception of the Business Center: Folque Building, Rua Antonio Enes 14 (Saldanha, Avenidas Novas, Lisboa, Portugal)

Reception Hours: Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 18:30

Coworking: Edifico Folque, Rua Filipe Folque 40 - 1º ((Saldanha, Avenidas Novas, Lisboa, Portugal)

Hours of access: 24 hours / day, 7 days / week, 365 days / year.


(+351) 21 083 00 00

(+351) 925 808 835



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