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Marketing Ideas for Coworking Spaces (Part 1)

There are plenty of ideas to promote own coworking spaces. Today, when the competition in the coworking industry is very tough, it is important to look for creative and effective ways to promote coworking space.

Cooperate with colleges and universities

It is a very effective method to get new members in the future. You should think about the cooperation with local educational institutions to get new followers. You can organize various student programs or offer your place to conduct certain events for free. The more people will come – the more people will know about your place. Remember, that students should be your target audience, as a large part of them will look for the coworking places after graduation.

Be a Place for Internships

You can cooperate with educational institutions, EU organizations, local businesses, NGOs, and other institutions to offer your space for internship arrangements backed by these organizations and companies. It will help to promote your coworking space in business circles and interns may stay your residents in the future.

Provide Integrated support services to current and potential entrepreneurs

You should focus on the competitive advantage of your coworking space. Your place can be incubator & accelerator for new entrepreneurs. You can perform consulting courses in human resources, accounting and taxation, marketing and communication, design and web-design, capital raising (funds, business angels, crowdfunding, etc.) All of them are very beneficial for current and potential entrepreneurs and can be a competitive advantage of your coworking space. Thus, these services may be a very attractive bonus to the potential residents who are actively looking for a new workplace.

Host Hackathons

Hackathon is an event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming. Providing space and necessary equipment for the event, you will get sufficient promotion to a target audience in a relatively little cost. This advice is exceptionally helpful for coworking spaces that cover a specific niche.

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