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Is it relevant to invest in coworking spaces now?

Investors remain optimistic in COVID-19 times and will continue their investment projects this year. Most of them believe that the market value of the real estate will drop due to the demand for higher yields that give them a large potential for the new investments.

Therefore, it is good to think about the alternatives to traditional rentals (commercial offices/ stores / warehouses, etc.) to generate more profitability and security in the post-crisis period. As we discussed in the previous article “Coworking space is the right solution in the post-crisis period“, the investments in the coworking centers development can be a perfect variant for you. With the growing numbers of remote workers, freelancers, digital nomads, and companies that are deciding to put their employees in coworking spaces, the need for them is rising steadily. Companies choose coworking places, as they help to save up to 15-25% in contrast to the rent of commercial offices. Moreover, they save a lot of time and human resources, as they do not need to manage administrative and technical issues at the office. Thus, it is estimated that more than 40% of the global demand for coworking spaces will be made by large companies. Thus, nowadays, there is a good opportunity to capitalize on this and make investments in the fast-growing coworking industry.

In particular, you should pay attention to Lisbon, as Portuguese capital is consolidating its rapid rise as a tech hub as well as innovation and incubation center in Europe. Thus, there is a constant need in affordable places like coworking centers.

At Bworking coworking space, we offer a special program to help to create and develop coworking spaces and offices in close partnership with owners. You can benefit from our large experience and knowledge in this sphere. We can manage the entire process, from the search for the most appropriate place up to the renovation and management of the new coworking place.

Overall, please contact us and we will prepare the most appropriate solution for you.  

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