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Bworking coworking spaces location on the map

The location of the coworking center is one of the most important issues that you should consider, when you search for the coworking space in Lisbon (coworking centro de Lisboa). You should look for an easily accessible place near the large road junctions not to waste your time in traffic jams or not to wait for public transport for a long time.

At the same time, one of the most visible advantages of Bworking coworking center is its location. If you search for the coworking space in the commercial heart of Lisbon in Saldanha or Alvalade districts, or near the Marques do Pombal Square, Bworking is one of the most suitable variants for you. Moreover, there is easy access to this coworking, as it is located very close to the large public transport routes (Picoas bus stations – bus lines 727, 738 and 207, 736, 783; and Yellow lines (Linha Amarela) of the Lisbon Metro (Metropolitano de Lisboa) – Picoas and Saldanha stations). Besides, you can easily park your car, as there is large underground parking (Empark Saldanha) and several parking places just near the building. Thus, you and your visitors will not have problems with the accesses to the coworking center. Moreover, in addition to a great location, Bworking provides 24/7 access to the workplaces, so you can choose the most suitable time to work at coworking space.

Thus, we invite you to visit our coworking space in Lisbon (Lisboa coworking) and to feel all the other advantages of Bworking by yourself.

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