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It may seem that the landscape in Lisbon is not so suited for a bike ride, but it‘s a very fun way to travel around and explore the city. Lisbon currently has 60 kilometers of cycle routes and shared paths, the e-bikes and electric scooters can help you with hills.

Less Cars, More Bikes

The number of European cities that provide bike and scooter sharing services is constantly growing. And it’s often been shown that they are introduced out of the need to provide an alternative means of transport to cars or motorcycles.

The logic is simple – offering residents or visitors the opportunity to use bikes for short trips around the city, removes the need for motorized transport. In this way, traffic in the city can be significantly reduced ‒ depending on the number of bicycles available for use. This has the knock-on effect of reducing the wear and tear of roads and bringing down accidents, while improving people’s health, according to surveys by the EU.

Aside from that, riding a bike is just fun! Bike sharing is perfect for tourists and locals alike – because it’s a enjoyable and convenient way to travel around the city. If you don’t have a garage or internal courtyard to leave your bicycle at night, it’s very handy to use such services.

Scooters To Share In Lisbon

Electric scooters are fun, fast, and make getting around the city much easier. Tourists also love them and Lisbon is packed with companies that provide dockless electric scooters. You can choose from Bungo, FlashHiveIomoLimeTierVoi, or Wind.

Starting using services is very quick and easy. You have only to download the app of your preferred company, enter required information, locate the nearest scooter using the map, unlock the scooter with your smartphone and enjoy the trip!

However, there are some rules – you should never leave your scooter in the way of pedestrian traffic and scooter parking is banned in the historic area of Lisbon (Alfama and Bairro Alto).

As far as prices go: €1 to unlock and then 15 cents per minute to ride, which comes to around €10 per hour – all companies share similar pricing model.

Bikeshare In Lisbon

The bikeshare systems were unleashed in the modern part of the city – the riverside Parque das Nações – and have gradually been covering other parts of Lisbon. Hire bikes are now appearing in neighbourhoods such as the Baixa and Lisbon Plateau, as well as the riverfront.

In Lisbon there are now two main app-controlled bikesharing services: GIRA and JUMP. GIRA, the green bikes, is the bikeshare system operated by the municipal company Emel that offers both conventional and electric bikes with fixed docking stations. JUMP (the red bikes) is a service provided by Uber, so you can find and reserve them using the Uber app

Using both services is equally quick and easy as it works off your smartphone: download the app, provide your financial details and you’re ready to bike.  The main difference between them is that JUMP bikes are all electric and dockless and can be left almost anywhere (not in the way of pedestrians!).

Sharing Knowledge And Experience

Bike and scooter sharing brings easiness, comfort and efficiency to a sometimes chaotic traffic of Lisbon. In some ways bike sharing services are similar to the ones of coworking – it’s cost saving, flexible and fun! At coworking spaces there is always someone new to network with, some new innovation to explore, some ideas to share with your coworkers. Using all the above mentioned options of bike and scooter sharing it’s very easy to access the central parts of the city as well as Lisbon’s business district in Picoas, where the BWorking Coworking Spaces is located. By the way, GIRA bikeshare station is just 1 min. away from the BWorking Coworking Spaces.  

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