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Coworking Spaces Force the Development of Startups

Coworking spaces are among the main engines that force innovations and the development of startups nowadays. The first coworking space was established by Brad Neuberg in San Francisco in 2005. Since that time, coworking spaces were opened all over the world and became the second home for millions of freelancers and new entrepreneurs. According to the Global Coworking Unconference Conference forecast, there will be over 5.1 million paid coworking members worldwide by 2022.

Most of the successful startups started their projects in a coworking environment. The high real estate cost was a significant barrier for the office establishment in the past. However, with the development of coworking spaces, new entrepreneurs received a unique opportunity to have fully-equipped workplace for a very reasonable price. Choosing a coworking space for your startup, you should only select the necessary plan and services, to gather the team and focus on your business. All other administrative and technological issues will be managed and resolved by the coworking staff.

Furthermore, whichever plan you choose, your monthly fee will include a comfortable workplace, high-speed wireless Internet, access to the office equipment, amenities, and many other benefits. Thus, you can concentrate your attention only on the development and promotion of your new business. The entire coworking spaces’ atmosphere directly promotes networking and sharing. Being a member of a coworking space, you will be surrounded by highly-motivated like-minded people who are ready to share their experience and knowledge with you. Thus, self-employed people will get helpful recommendations from the experts in different spheres in one place. This assistance helps not only to avoid mistakes but to develop the startup faster.

Moreover, a large part of coworking spaces conducts different workshops and events that can be helpful for new entrepreneurs. In particular, coworking spaces are important for the development of the tech startups. Coworking spaces for tech startups provide enough space to create new prototypes or even an access to very expensive equipment like 3D printers or lasers.  The innovation in workspace is fruitful for new startups that enjoy developing business in their own terms. Moreover, some coworkings became a starting point for such successful businesses as Uber, Spotify, Instagram, Indiegogo, Wanderfly, ZipRecruiter, Nuracode, and many others.

To sum up, coworking space is the best office environment you need while you start and grow your startup. Bworking coworking (Lisboa coworking) is here to support your startup and to provide you the most appropriate service from a single desk to secure private office (escritorios privados). Thus, do not waste your time and start your business with us now.

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