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The most effective way to promote your coworking space is the positive feedback of your coworking space residents. Thus, it is important to communicate, communicate, and communicate with your clients to know more about their needs and requirements. It is important to perform specially-developed questionnaires to know “What coworking space members think and want” and to have a clear visual data to make the correct marketing steps. Bworking coworking space proposes you the following questionnaire:

1. Which best describes you?
A) Freelancer;
B) Independent Consultant and/or Independent Contractor
C) Start-up employee or owner
D) Digital Nomad
E) Private entrepreneur / Self-Employed
F) An employee of a business /government agency / non-profit organization
G) Other

2. How many hours in an average work week do you currently use a coworking space?

A) Less than 20 hours
B) 20 – 40 hours
C) More than 40 hours

3. When do you typically use Bworking coworking space?

Time of the DayNeverRarelyOftenAlways

4. Do you turn to other members of your coworking space for help, guidance, or to find/outsource work?

Do you turn to other members of your coworking space for:Never Rarely Often Always
Help and assistance:
To find outsource work:
For social reasons:

5. How often do you attend events at coworking spaces?

A) Never
B) Rarely (Bworking coworking space holds events, but I am not interested)
C) Rarely (Bworking coworking space holds events but the schedule of events is not comfortable to me)
D) Occasionally
E) Often

6. Please indicate how much you agree/disagree with the following statements:

Strongly disagreeSomewhat disagreeNeither agree nor disagreeSomewhat agreeStrongly Agree
I am making more money because I work in coworking space
I collaborate more with others when I work in coworking space
Coworking has expandedmy social network
Coworking has expanded my professional network
Coworking allows me to set boundaries between my personal and work life
I have learned new and/or improved my skills through coworking
My business has grown from leads generated through my coworking network
I feel less lonely
I am more engaged and motivated when I work at coworking space

7. Please rate your overall satisfaction with Bworking coworking space (with 1 = dissatisfied to 5 = very satisfied):

Basic equipment:
a) workplace
b) meeting room
c) kitchen
d) lounge
Interior design
Price policy
Events and educational opportunities
People in coworking space
Networking opportunities
Access to conference and/or meeting rooms

8. What is the most important to you in Bworking? (you can select several variants)
A) Location
B) 24/7 access
C) Membership Price
D) Interior design
E) Amenities
F) Good Internet Connection
G) Events and networking opportunities
H) Bworking Team

9. What would you like to have at your workplace? (you can select several variants)
A) Beverage and Food Resources
B) Printer/Scanner/ Copier
D) Stationery
E) Other (please specify)

10. Please select the events and partnerships organized by Bworking that you will be interested in: (you can select several variants)

  Regularly From time to time Not interested
Running in the park near coworking space      
Exercising in the park near coworking space      
Team games (football, basketball, etc.) with the other people in the coworking      
Other sport events (please specify):______________         
Lectures and master classes:
Leadership and success stories      
Other (please specify): __________________________          
Partnerships with restaurants
Partnerships with restaurants to provide meal to coworkers on everyday basis      
Partnerships with restaurants to try the foods from different countries (just to try new culinary experiences)      

11. What can Bworking Coworking space improve? (Please be honest, as we want to provide the highest level of service to you)


12. Will you recommend Bworking Coworking space to others:
A) Yes
B) No

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