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Lisbon today is being recognized worldwide as the European capital of startups. But what was the trajectory of this story? And what will be the future?

The rise of entrepreneurship in Lisbon

Entrepreneurs from all over the world come to Lisbon, attracted by the quality of life and the encouragement of private and public initiatives to develop new businesses.

In this scenario of innovation and entrepreneurship, coworking spaces and business incubators play a key role.

Although only recently, since 2015, the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Lisbon has gained prominence in the international press, this rise is the result of a work that began much earlier.

The first coworking spaces appeared in Lisbon and surroundings, especially in the Tejo’s Region about 10 years ago.

The BWORKING SPACES®  and its founder as part of the coworking journey in Lisbon

The BWORKING  founder, Nuno Guilherme is part of the story of the creation of the first coworking spaces in the Tejo’s region.

Who is Nuno Guilherme, BWORKING  founder?

Nuno Guilherme is a father and a brother born in 1982. He graduated in Business Administration from the University of Lisbon (School of Business and Economics) in 2004. In 2016 he completed a mini MBA at Harvard Business School in Boston.

Nuno started working with 14 years old in a pizzeria, joining the Portuguese army with 16 years old, with the skydivers, where he stayed for 6 years. After his time in the army he served as human resources coordinator in a construction company with more than 60 employees.

Nuno worked at Caixa Geral de Depósitos as a mortgage loan analyst and managed sales teams at Optimus Telecommunications (formerly NOS Comunications).

He became customer service coordinator at EDP (Portugal’s electricity supplier), where he received for two consecutive years the merit award for exemplary conflict management, delivered by the Citizen Shops of Portuguese Government. He became a complaints manager for EPAL (the public water supplier in Lisbon) where he worked until 2013.

From 2011 to 2013 Nuno was also founder and manager of 3 office centers in the Setubal District. In the photos below you can see some of the first coworking spaces that was established by Nuno in the Tejo’s region.

In 2016 in a lifetime experience, Nuno moved to Boston to live and work in an American NGO. In 2017 he returned to Portugal where he returned to work on the development of the Social Effects NGO, an NGO founded in 2013, where he started designing the BWORKING project, which opened the first coworking space in Lisbon in December 2017.


BWORKING SPACES® are workspaces that offer all the conditions of work creating the perfect environment for better productivity – free from the chaos of working in cafes or alone at home.

BWORKING SPACES® are managed autonomously by SOCIAL EFFECTS ORG LDA. Around 60% of the annual profit obtained by this service goes to the social impact project SOCIAL EFFECTS ORG, which finances all the work / actions in the Global Community as Tutores de Bairro.

From the beginning in Lisbon to the national and international expansion

The BWORKING SPACES® office has now reached its maximum capacity for private office leasing. Due to this intense demand, Nuno began a gradual process of national and international expansion through the establishment of franchises and the creation of personalized offices.

The Franchised Offices

In September BWORKING SPACES®  will open a new space in Braga. The opening of this space marks the beginning of the BWORKING expansion project through its franchise network.

Bworking Spaces XL: custom offices for midsize and large companies

BWORKING SPACES® have become a coworking space for medium-large sized companies (more than 40 employees). Because of that we decided to create BWORKING SPACES® XL.

These spaces have the BWORKING SPACES® design but with some customization according to the needs of each company. These are spaces 100% managed as a coworking space and equipped (desk, chairs, base equipment) by the BWORKING SPACES®, but only with 1 to 2 companies as residents, depending on the expected size of each.

How it works? We choose 1 or 2 spaces with the client, we sign contract with the resident company, and we create the space in 45/60days.

Are you looking for a personalized coworking office for your company or are you interested in start a franchised office in your city? Get in contact with the BWORKING SPACES®  to schedule a meeting. We will study your project and offer the best solution for your office in Portugal.

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