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The development of successful coworking space significantly depends on three main pillars: community, facility, and hospitality. All of them are really vital in the creation of great space for the members.


Community and coworking spacers are very connected terms and like-minded community is the main value of every coworking space. It is important to remember that coworking is about community, and specifically the collaboration that takes place within communities. Community is the foundation of the coworking space and it is what differentiates coworking spaces from the shared offices. Therefore, the entire success of the coworking space significantly depends on the effective building of a vibrant coworking community.


Coworking space’s design, location, office equipment, access to the meeting and conference rooms, fast and stable Internet connection, sports and educational events are all the key essentials of every successful coworking space. They help to develop a pleasant working atmosphere in the coworking space and to form a positive reputation of the coworking space.


Hospitality and coworking are very connected terms, as both of them are aimed to create a great experience for people. It is about making clients feel delighted and satisfied while using the provided services. A warm and welcoming attitude towards the client is equally important to the coworking space facility. Thus, members of the coworking space should always know how to reach easily coworking staff to resolve the possible issues or to get additional information about the coworking space.

For Bworking team, coworking is a lot more than just offering a workplace for a client. We are proud to empower people and to unleash their potential to help them to develop their business. Moreover, it is our duty to increase comfort of the Bworking coworking space clients and to make them feel like at home.

Overall, community, coworking facilities, and hospitality are not meaningless words for us. We invite you to join Bworking coworking space (Lisboa coworking) to work in one of the most comfortable coworking spaces in Lisbon.

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