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At the Bworking Spaces we work in Lisbon all the year but we understand that you need a peaceful and enjoyable summer holidays!

So we provide a summer promotion for you!

The new subscriptions (1st time subscritions) made in August are free and you just start paying in September! (you pay the deposit of 170,00€ (full resident subscription price) and then you just pay the first 30 days of coworking from 1 to 5 September.

Enjoy your holidays without worries and start in September with a refreshed mind!

Come and try! Bworking Spaces Lisbon offer you 2 days of coworking without any obligation, just for us to meet each other.

Just schedule your first day here

10 reasons why Lisbon is perfect 
for digital nomads (but not only!)

The concept of global village is more real than ever. But two things are extremely hot right now: Lisbon and digital nomadism. And if Lisbon is the 2nd oldest european capital, is also and definitely the trendiest right now. The Portuguese capital has the perfect conditions for digital nomads – and if you still have doubts, you’ve been spending too much time sitting on your desk. Check below the 10 reasons why Lisbon is THE place right now for you to live. Click Here to read the full article of our coworkers Trendestination Magazine

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