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Coworking is a huge trend that continues to grow and is becoming more and more popular, not only among freelancers, small work groups, but also with large corporations who wish to make the most of the potential of collaborative work within their organizations.

WHAT: Trends

It’s commonly thought that coworking spaces were most often used by entrepreneurial types:  freelancers, startup founders, consultants. They are certainly a large piece of the coworking puzzle, and for years it seemed they dominated these spaces. But as of now, that is not necessarily correct. Coworking spaces are being used by traditional companies for an array of reasons.

Many professionals are voluntarily choosing to work outside their corporations. Albeit they are currently not in big numbers, they do however provide a glimpse of the near future of the best talent towards new and much more flexible professional careers.

The acceleration of the remote employee brings the freedom to think outside the box in terms of office spaces. Of course, you need a place to work, but no, it doesn’t have to be a traditional office. Work has truly become an anytime/anywhere affair. As the coworking industry continues to evolve and the corporate environment finds new ways to innovate, these two sectors are forming a symbiotic, albeit experimental relationship. For many, coworking spaces are the perfect alternative – not just for freelancers, but also for startups and major corporations.

Corporate coworking is a fast-growing global tendency, with impressive benefits that simply can’t be ignored. Companies that have embraced coworking include: G.E., PwC, The Guardian, AirBnb, Pinterest, Red Hat, Automattic, PepsiCo, Microsoft, Merck, Heineken, KPMG, among others.

WHY: Benefits

It’s common knowledge that engaged employees are more productive employees than their disengaged colleagues. Coworking spaces allow both employees and executives to create a perfect balance for the need of a comfortable workspace with one that is always in flux. There is always someone new to network with, some new innovation to explore, something to distract you from the monotony of a standard workplace.

If a person is spending a lot of time every day commuting to and from the office, he’s probably coming to work with added stress and exhaustion, and coworking from a space closer to his house can reduce all that negative commuting experience.

As with most flexible work options, employees who feel more in control over their work days and environments often translate that empowerment into improved productivity and higher job satisfaction. In such case, coworking space can provide the needed autonomy.

The Harvard Business Review reported that people who work in coworking spaces see their work as more meaningful. They can drop their work personas and they get to talk more frequently about what they do, which reconnects them to your company and its mission.

Coworking spaces expand your ability to meet with clients in multiple locations (that are professionally designed and not someone’s home office in their guest bedroom or a coffee shop), rather than just your single office space.

Some coworking spaces enables companies to have courses and workshops on topics related to entrepreneurship and development of a business. This is a way of exchanging knowledge between the companies that are present in the coworking environment.

HOW: BWorking Coworking Spaces

Choosing the right coworking space to match the specific needs can be a challenge. Different spaces are tailored to different uses. At the BWorking Coworking Spaces, located at the heart of Lisbon’s business district, well known for freelancers, startups and small/medium companies, there are a few subscription plans to choose from. So, you will easily find the one, most suitable for you.

The coworking space has been designed to welcome all types of professionals who want to work here. Obviously, here you will find the main coworking space with designated workplace, but also – private offices and meeting rooms. Or, you can try the benefits of the Virtual Office services at the BWorking Coworking Spaces! The flexibility offered by the virtual office helps productivity and workforce satisfaction. You will also make cost savings in areas such as technology, as virtual offices require no purchase or lease of telephone systems or mainframe computer systems, and most software packages can be accessed via cloud-based systems for relatively small subscription costs.

In addition to enabling the productivity of our coworkers, we encourage the exchange of ideas and networking among professionals from different segments by organising weekly events and workshops.

Visit the Bworking Coworking Spaces in Lisbon, in the Saldanha area.

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