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If you are looking to rent a meeting room for your business meeting or corporate presentation or for any other reason, getting started can be the hardest part. There are so many options available nowadays and you might overlook some of the details that could end up costing you. In this piece we will try to look at what you should consider before booking a meeting room.

Choosing The Right Venue

First things first, not all meeting rooms are built the same way as they serve different purposes. But neither are the events you host. So, you want a meeting space that complements the nature of your meeting. If you’re having a business meeting with clients, you should choose a room that presents professionalism. If you know that presentations will be shown, you might want to pick a space suitable for that, so that nobody would break their neck trying to see the screen. Double check if the space has high-quality video equipment and all the other technical devices needed. For workshops, you might need a bigger and more flexible space with more tables, writing boards and maybe even on-site catering. Also, you should consider the size – do you want the room to feel spacious or full when all the attendees are there?

Facilities – What’s Included?

When examining a meeting space for rent, you should pay attention to what’s included. There are a few basic things you might need, such as: a reliable wi-fi, a microphone for speakers, a projector, video conferencing capabilities, a printer etc. If there’s something that isn’t included in the cost, you’ll need to pay for it additionally. Another important element to consider is on-site support. On-site staff can take a lot of weight off your shoulders. The last thing you need is for the tech to fail in the middle of the meeting without any support on hand. Figure out what kind of support is included with your booking before you select a venue.

Easy To Access

When selecting the meeting room, keep your attendees in mind. You want to create a convenient and pleasant experience for them. The best advice is to choose a more central location or a place that is very easy to access. While it could be cheaper to choose a meeting venue that is a little bit far away, it could be inconvenient for your attendees. Do not forget to check if there is enough parking available nearby. For attendees who may need additional physical accessibility, find a space that can accommodate that. Is there a ramp available? Where are the elevators? These may not be immediately obvious, so ask the venue for guidance.

BWorking Coworking Spaces

At the BWorking Coworking Spaces, located in the heart of Lisbon’s business district, well known for freelancers, startups and small/medium companies, there are a few meeting rooms available to choose from. So, you will easily find the one, most suitable for you. We offer complete service for your meetings which includes welcoming and guiding your guests, video equipment, writing boards, printer etc. We have different meeting rooms with various configurations and capabilities – our spaces can be used for training, workshops, business meetings or even therapy sessions (such as physical therapy or psychologist consultation). BWorking Coworking Spaces meeting rooms are very easy to book and can be rented per day / hour or by packages.

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