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It’s only a bit more than a month when United Kingdom is supposed to leave the European Union. The very mention of the term Brexit creates mixed feelings among many people and especially for those of the business world. For some, the uncertainty of the future of UK outside the EU causes concern, while others see new opportunities. And it’s no surprise, however, that many businesses are planning or are already moving some or all of their operations to other European countries.

Moving to Lisbon 

As noted by many business owners, maintaining a European presence is essential for a sustainable growth. And now there is a new, cost friendly way of achieving that. The virtual office service is a strong trend that has come to solve the problems of self-employed professionals and businesses in the initial process of change or business development. 

The benefits of having a virtual office presence within Europe are far reaching. Minimal cost considerations coupled with professional, bespoke and dedicated services mean businesses both small and large can maintain the European profile essential for navigating through Brexit successfully.

It takes no time to recognise that moving your business operations to Lisbon via virtual office is a smart move. Not only is Lisbon known for its wonderful weather, creative, innovative and dynamic international business community, it is a city with excellent transport and communications links. Lisbon is also celebrated for its ever growing tech sector, which is crowned by one of the biggest annual technology conferences in the planet – Web Summit.  Socially, Lisbon offers a vibrant and lively city to enjoy outside of the office hours.

Saving operation costs         

The first thing that strikes about the virtual office is the cost savings of not having to rent offices or employ people. Now you just need to give employees a laptop and phone, and then set up a virtual office. At the BWorking Spaces, located at the heart of Lisbon’s business district well known for freelancers startups and small / medium companies, there are many benefits attached to operating out of a virtual office.

With such set up, you could get a unique phone number with a local area code and the access to a professional virtual receptionist to make sure that you don not miss any important calls, together with convenient call forwarding services.

You will also gain a valid address in Lisbon, which could be used for various purposes, including tax. That can increase commercial visibility and denote a greater structure and organization in carrying out its activities.

All incoming correspondence and messages will be correctly handled by us. You will receive a notice of arrived correspondence, almost immediately. This increases the control of the entire work process, business organization and the responsiveness to the customers.

Depending on your subscription here at the BWorking Spaces, we are able to create a website for your business and design the logo and business cards.

The flexibility offered by the virtual office helps productivity and workforce satisfaction. You will also make cost savings in areas such as technology, as virtual offices require no purchase or lease of telephone systems or mainframe computer systems, and most software packages can be accessed via cloud-based systems for relatively small subscription costs.

As very limited obligations are required to set up virtual office, it is not difficult to see why virtual offices in Lisbon are becoming so popular and essential to companies who need to plan their way through Brexit.

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