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The concept of global village is more real than ever. But two things are extremely hot right now: Lisbon and digital nomadism. And if Lisbon is the 2nd oldest European capital, is also and definitely the trendiest right now. The Portuguese capital has the perfect conditions for digital nomads – and if you still have doubts, you’ve been spending too much time sitting on your desk. Check below the 10 reasons why Lisbon is THE place right now for you to live:

1. Plenty Of Cowork Spaces

One of our most popular articles about the coolest & most value-for-money coworks in Lisbon proves it. Lisbon is looking definitely enticing for the cowork world. There are cowork spaces catering any type of preference: downtown located; pet-friendly; natural daylight; acceleration & incubators’ programs; bike parking; free artisanal coffee or beer; networking events; to name a few. At the BWorking Coworking Spaces, located at the heart of Lisbon’s business district, well known for freelancers, startups and small/medium companies, there are a few subscription plans to choose from. So, you will easily find the one, most suitable for you. The coworking space has been designed to welcome all types of professionals who want to work here. Obviously, here you will find the main coworking space with designated workplace, but also – private offices and meeting rooms.

2. Just Perfect Work-Life Balance

The Portuguese have a relaxed way of enjoying and taking pleasure of the little yet good things in life. The everyday pace is calm and there’s always something to do in the city, at any day of the week. There are plenty of cafes, bars, restaurants, rooftops, events, etc. Our special recommendations go for enjoying a breathtaking sunset at the recently reopened Clube Ferroviário in Santa Apolónia, a signature cocktail at Rio Maravilha in LX Factory, a chilling afternoon at TOPO Chiado or simply heading to one of the many viewpoints in the capital. Of course there are some local favorites and hyper busy rooftops like Park or TOPO Martim Moniz.

3. Please Your Food Cravings

It’s set in stone that we have amazing fresh fish and seafood but Lisbon is quickly becoming a food melting pot. We told you that you don’t have to travel all the way to Asia to become a digital nomad, right? And by Asia, we mean any place. Either if you’re dying for an organic & full-filling breakfast burrito (go try the one at Comoba Lisboa in Cais do Sodré), a proper homemade ramen (Ajitama Supper club in Arroios), a tasty variety of Asian dishes (try Boa Bao in Chiado), a bold curry or a dosa (go to Chutnify in Príncipe Real), a sweet Malaysian roti bun (brand new Pappa Roti in Chiado), a flavorlicious bubble milk tea (TIME tea & coffee in Nations Park) or an energizing tapioca (head to Tapioca Oca in São Bento)

4. Creative Artistic Hubs

LX Factory was the first creative hub in Lisbon and deserves props for that. But now it’s not the only one anymore. There’s an emerging creative cultural vibe happening in Beato and Marvila areas. From artistic coworks to unique brewpubs, museums & art galleries (visit the brand new Sweet Art Museum #instagrammableheaven and Galeria Baginski), one-of-a-kind activities (are you into Parkour and FreeRunning? Then don’t miss Spot Real academy) or chilling music spots (take a look at Fábrica Braço de Prata). The Intendente area is also a great next candidate with more cowork spaces, the biggest & coolest A Vida Portuguesa shop with all type of vintage products from back-in-the-days, the funky Casa Independente for melting pot cultural shows or Infame restaurant for a high quality brunch.

5. Put Your Flip-Flops And Glasses On

We pretty much have 365 days of summer. Of course, we also have winter days but on average, especially if you come from colder countries, you’ll find in Lisbon a little charming paradise. Besides the inspirational views to the Tejo river, from pretty much everywhere in the city, you can sunbathe at the beach – get mesmerized with Arrábida – or surf some of the best waves in Europe at Ericeira – a World Surfing Reserve – within a short 30 minutes’ ride. Try the fresh fish japanese combinations at Uni Sushi restaurant, the GiG – Green is Good brunch at Ericeira or simply what Ericeira offers best: seafood (at Marisqueiras das Furnas)!

6. The Beer Scene

Please, if you find another capital where you can drink a beer for 0,50€ please tell us. Until then, Lisbon is the place. Either if you’re a fancy beer expert and love an authentic brewpub – like the real deal type – or you just like beer, for the sake of liking beer and not spending too much, you’ll be just fine in Lisbon. So, if you’re into artisanal and exquisite beer production, you can find the so-called Lisbon Beer District in Marvila with places like Musa, Lince and Dois Corvos setting the beer tone. To eat, Entra restaurant is definitely in the pole position with its daily “secret” tasting menu, El Bulo and Refeitório do Senhor Abel pizzaria from the famous Chef Chakall (in the same building of Heterónimo Baar – a bar in hommage to the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa). There’s even the Beer Generation Lisbon Festival in March.

7. Amongst Castles, Palaces & Modernity 

Lisbon has definitely a royal vibe around it as it used to be the home of many kings and queens. Nowadays is the perfect blend between history and freshness. There are mandatory places everyone will tell you to visit if you want to know the city’s history, and in this case we must follow the rules. These places are Belém area with Jerónimos Monastery and Belém Tower – both UNESCO World Heritage Sites – plus Belém Cultural Centre (CCB), Berardo Museum and the Museum of Art, Architecture & Technology (MAAT). Around 30 minutes from Lisbon, you must visit Sintra – also a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and its unique palaces: Pena Palace, Quinta da Regaleira or the Moorish Castle. We bet at the end you’ll be thinking about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

8. Great Coffee Places

Real digital nomads drink good coffee. Gotta keep up with the rhythm, right? Until now, it looks like Lisbon has it all. But… it does! Coffee isn’t an exception. It has always been a tradition for us to drink coffee, in general what we call bica in portuguese – meaning an expresso – throughout the day. But since the demand is huge for other type of coffees – meaning non-Starbuck types – more coffee dedicated places are popping by the minute. A few good examples of those are: Comoba Lisboa, Heim Cafe, Copenhagen Coffee Lab, Fábrica Coffee Roasters (no wi-fi, just coffee tho) or Hello, Kristof – and all of them have really good breakfast and/or brunch dishes.

9. Partying 24/7 

Lisbon’s party scene is pretty remarkable and happens every single day of the week #nojoke. Cais do Sodré overcame Bairro Alto with its instagrammable pink floor and fun vibe. It was rebaptized of Pink Street and has some of the most known and busiest bars and clubs in the city like Tokyo, Copenhagen, O Bom, o Mau e O Vilão, MusicBox, Viking (famous for its striptease show!) or Titanic Sur Mer. There are also some rare gems such as Vestigius, Pensão Amor, B. Leza or rive-Rouge where you can start partying ealier since they’re open in the afternoon until late. Besides these spots, Lisbon has always some type of free outdoor event going on like Out Jazz from May till September, Popular Saints’ Festival in June with loads of sangría, colorful props, loud music and the smell of grilled sardines in the air. There’s also a growing digital nomad community spread throughout the city that you can hang out with, especially on meetups. Also, if you’re a 90’s baby, hit the Revenge of the 90’s secret party.

10. Awards & Gold Medals 

We didn’t wanted to but if you’re still waiting for number 10 to convince you Lisbon is THE place, you’re about to either bite your tongue or buy a flight ticket. Here it goes a small portion of our international recognitions: Best City in the World to Be a Freelancer by the Dutch freelance platform Hoofdkraan; Best 2017’s City Break Destination by World Travel Awards; 2017’s Best City by Wallpaper Magazine or 2017’s Coolest City in Europe by CNN. Have we changed your mind?

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