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The best solution if you are an  independent professional looking for a dedicated desk or wanting a more flexible solution. You will have access to meeting rooms, printing and common amenities.


Your team is growing or your a company wants to change its way of working? Our private offices can be easily set-up to meet your needs and to welcome you to our community.


For large companies that want a fully customized, hassle-free working space, which is still part of a larger community. You just need to worry about your business. We take care of the rest


Our virtual office gives your business a physical address in a premium location and other office-related services without the overhead of a long lease and administrative staff.

Why a bworking office


  • LOCATION: Find your own space in Portugal, always located in central areas, well connected to public transportation. From Lisbon Center, to Barreiro and Cacilhas (Setúbal district) or tell us were you need.
  • 24/7 ACCESS: All registered members have 24h access to the workspaces through a personal virtual key and a mobile 
  • SAVES: Save up to 25% on the cost of you company office
  • MOBILITY: With special packs for big companies, we offer a high mobility for your employers.


  • VALUATION: Valuation of you real estate porfolio, in some case we already increased 20% the value of sale, also offering a real estate sale with garantee rent for the new landlord
  • SAFE: We offer a partnership that provides you since the first months a secure rent with longer contracts.

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Barreiro, Setúbal

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